FORLOAD 20tons single drum road roller with CUMMINS engine ready for Africa market



Road roller or compactor is a type of engineering vehicle that commonly used to compact soil, gravel, concrete, asphalt or other materials in road construction, airport or port foundation work, at landfills or in agriculture.

Therefore, different types of road rollers are produced to meet the different project requirement.

In here, FORLOAD provides you a single drum roller. Fine production, years of research and development, rigorous tests ensure that each roller is defect free, even when working in the most complicated conditions.

FORLOAD single drum roller is a vibratory type roller consisting of a large steel drum in front and two wheels in rear, and equip with CUMMINS powerful engine, luxury cabin with air conditioner and heater.

The single drum rollers are available in a wide range of operating weight from 10 tons to 23 tons, with drum 1.5m to 1.7m in diameter and 2.13m to 2.17m in wide. The self-propelled vibratory drum delivers greater excitation force, increasing compaction efficiency and productivity in road construction.

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