Delivery of FORLOAD TL30D4 telescopic forklift to Middle Asian market



Recently, FORLOAD company delivery 2units TL30D4 telescopic forklift to their Middle Asia agent. This telescopic forklift we also name it telehandler or telescopic loader, which boom could telescopic to reach 6800mm and load capacity 3000kgs. 

FORLOAD 3tons telescopic forklift could use different attachments, including 4in1 bucket, grass grab, wood grab, grain bucket, sand bucket etc. according to different job project; And because it is 4x4 drive type and four wheel steering type, almost rough terrain road condition can't stop it.

The below is the descrition of FORLOAD brand TL30D4 telehandler:

The FORLOAD brand telehandler is a highly efficient cargo handling equipment designed to improve the transport efficiency and operational flexibility of cargo. The forklift has the following features and advantages: 

1-Strong scalability: FORLOAD telescopic forklifts are equipped with telescopic fork arms, which can freely adjust the length and height of the fork arms according to different work needs. 

2-This enables the forklift to adapt to cargo of different sizes and heights, improving work efficiency. 

3-Easy to operate: This forklift adopts advanced operating system and control technology, which makes the operation easier and more convenient. The operation and functions of the forklift can be easily grasped through the console, which minimizes the labor intensity of the operator. 

4-Safe and reliable: FORLOAD telehandlers have complete safety protection equipment and mechanical systems to ensure the safety of personnel and goods during operation. For example, the forklift is equipped with an automatic stop device and the function of preventing the cargo from slipping, effectively avoiding accidents. 

5-Strong load capacity: The forklift uses high-strength materials and structural design to ensure its excellent load capacity. Whether it is loading and unloading heavy goods or large quantities of small goods, it can be easily handled and work efficiency can be improved. 

6-Multi-functional application: FORLOAD telescopic forklifts are very suitable for cargo handling and loading and unloading in warehousing, logistics, construction and other industries. Whether in indoor or outdoor environments, it can run stably and complete tasks. 

In a word, FORLOAD brand telescopic forklift is a powerful, easy-to-operate, safe and reliable cargo handling equipment, suitable for various working environments and task requirements. Its outstanding performance and flexibility can help improve work efficiency and ensure safe and smooth cargo handling.

FORLOAD TL30D4 tele handler

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