FL388 backhoe wheel loader with CUMMINS engine ready for delivery



FORLOAD brand FL388 backhoe wheel loader with CUMMINS engine ready for delivery to Russia market, this FL388 TLB with telescopic rear boom in order to reach high and dig more depth ground. Also the front part with quick hitch to use bucket, 4in1 bucket and pallet forks, could finish various construction jobs. Plus CUMMINS powerful force to make sure drive on rough terrain road.

FORLOAD backhoe loaders have the following features: 

1-Powerful power and excellent performance: FORLOAD backhoe loaders are equipped with high-power engines to provide excellent power and performance, and can efficiently complete digging and loading tasks. 

2-All-round operation and flexibility: FORLOAD backhoe loader has an innovative control system, which is convenient and flexible to operate, and can be easily operated in a narrow area to adapt to different construction environments. 

3-Comfortable cab design: The cab design of FORLOAD backhoe loader focuses on ergonomics, equipped with comfortable seats, high-quality suspension system and noise isolation device, providing a good driving experience. 

4-Efficient fuel economy: FORLOAD backhoe loader adopts advanced fuel management system, which can effectively reduce fuel consumption and improve operating efficiency. 

Compared with brands such as JCB, MANITOU, LAIGONG wheel loader, LIUGONG wheel loader or even RUNMAX and MCM TLB, FORLOAD backhoe loaders have the following comparative advantages:

1-High cost performance: While FORLOAD backhoe loaders provide excellent performance, the price is more competitive and has higher cost performance. 

2-Technological innovation: FORLOAD is constantly committed to technological innovation, providing backhoe loaders with stronger performance and higher efficiency to meet customers' demands for high-standard equipment. 

3-High quality and reliability: FORLOAD backhoe loaders use high-quality parts and advanced production technology to ensure the reliability and durability of the equipment and reduce the number of failures and maintenance. 

4-Customer support: FORLOAD provides customers with comprehensive after-sales service and support, including training, maintenance and spare parts support, etc., to ensure that customers can make full use of the equipment and obtain the best user experience.

FL388 backhoe wheel loader

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