FORLOAD brand T3500 telescopic wheel loader delivery to Middle Asia dealer




FORLOAD company recently finished delivery their 3.5tons telescopic wheel loader to Middle Asia dealer.
This T3500 telescopic wheel loader with WEICHAI powerful six-cylinder engine, LONKING pattern tire, and luxury cabin with heater, air conditioner, reverse camera etc.
And this T3500 telescopic loader could reach 6m height, front end can use forks, hydraulic forks, grass grab, wood grab, snow blade etc. attachments.
The FORLOAD T3500 telescopic wheel loader is a heavy-duty machine designed for efficient material handling and loading tasks. With a telescopic boom, it offers extended reach and versatility. The T3500 model is suitable for various industries such as construction, agriculture, and landscaping, and it is known for its robust build, reliability, and user-friendly operation. If you need more specific information about this loader model, I recommend reaching out to FORLOAD directly or visiting their official website for detailed specifications and features.
One of the world famous brands for telescopic wheel loaders is JCB. JCB is a well-known manufacturer of construction and agricultural equipment, and they produce a range of telescopic wheel loaders that are widely used in diverse industries. JCB's telescopic wheel loaders are recognized for their innovation, performance, and reliability, making them a popular choice for material handling and loading tasks. The brand has a global presence and is known for producing high-quality machinery. If you need more information about specific JCB telescopic wheel loader models, I recommend visiting their official website or contacting their authorized dealers for detailed specifications and features.

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