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Shantui SD22 bulldozer

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09 - 10
SD16 SD22 bulldozer, crawler bulldozer and used bulldozer for sale
SD16 SD22 bulldozer, crawler bulldozer and used bulldozer for sale, they are with WeChai or Cummins powerful engine. And operating weight range between 4 to 150 tonne, FORLOAD gives consumers the choice to tackle smaller jobs or heavy-duty tasks. Komatsu dozers include both a pushing blade installed on the front and a set of claws on the back,
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09 - 01
FORLOAD SD32 bulldozer with CUMMINS engine
FORLOAD brand bulldozer, including HD16, HD22 and HD32 model with different power engine.FORLAOD track-type dozer with elevated sprocket, elastic suspended and hydraulic controls. Equipped with power separating hydraulic-mechanic type Torque converter, power shift and one lever control transmission.
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