T3000 telescopic wheel loader, 3tons telescopic loader with CUMMINS engine
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T3000 telescopic wheel loader, 3tons telescopic loader with CUMMINS engine

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FORLOAD brand 3tons telescopic wheel loader of T3000 model, is one telescopic type front end wheel loader, which boom could extend certain height to finish some special works, and because of with quick hitch can change to use forks, wood grab, grass grab, snow blower etc. FORLOAD telescopic wheel loaders are popular more and more in domestic market and overseas market.

Recently, FORLOAD company finished delivery T3000 mini telescopic wheel loader to their Middle Asia agent. This T3000 small telescopic wheel loader equip with CUMMINS engine according to client's request, mainly consider the global warranty and good performance of CUMMINS engine; same time equip with extra pallet forks, grass grab and snow V blade to fulfil certain works.

T3000 telescopic wheel loader with full configuration, including heater, reverse camera, suspension seat, joystick control etc. plus LONKING pattern tire on articulated chassis, strong axle, fix shaft torque converter etc. to make sure good performance.

With the development of invest rearch, FORLOAD company's telescopic wheel loaders cover from 1.5tons to 4tons, and Stroer ładowarka kołowa including 800kgs small wheel loader to 6000kgs big radlader, also have electric hoflader.

Compared with LAIGONG wheel loader, LUGONG wheel loader and JINGGONG excavator, more and more customers know FORLOAD brand, and also more and more customers ask us to make OEM, such as South Africa MCM wheel loader, MCM excavator, Romania MACAO wheel loader and telescopic loader, POLAND KINGWAY wheel loader and excavator, MTTC cheap front end wheel loader, Ładowarka Kołowa STROER NW528 and SWEDEN SWEKIP 2040 etc...

If you are interested in wheel loader, electric wheel loader, backhoe wheel loader, mini excavator, dozers, motor grader etc. machines, please feel free to contact with FORLOAD, we will provide high quality with competitive price machnes to you.



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