FORLOAD T2000 telescopic wheel loader delivery to Kazakhstan dealer site
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FORLOAD T2000 telescopic wheel loader delivery to Kazakhstan dealer site

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Recently, FORLOAD company finished delivery 1unit T2000 telescopic wheel loader and 1unit T3000 telescopic boom wheel loader to their Kazakhstan dealer.

FORLOAD brand T2000 mini telescopic wheel loader with YUNNEI 65KW powerful engine and agriculture pattern tire, the luxury cabin with heater, air conditioner, reverse camera and adjustable seat and dashboard. This time our dealer choose KUBOTA color to attrack their locate consumer's attention to help promote sale quantity.

Also, T3000 telescopic wheel loader is one 3tons capacity model, equips with WEICHAI 92KW powerful engine, plus duralbe axle and gearbox reasonable transmission ratio, to make sure drive smoothly and provide big dig force.

These two small telescopic wheel loader, the boom use one-time sharp process, with floating function and bucket angle protection function, to make sure the highest safety when loading and unloading.

FORLOAD brand telescopic wheel loader with quick couple, so could change to use all various attachments including 4in1 bucket, pallet forks, wood grab, grass forks, wokring platform, snow blower, snow blade, grain bucket and so on. 

So this order, our Kazakhstan dealer also choose grass fork on T3000 model telescopic wheel loader, let it working at their user's farm yard.

If you are also interested in this type telescopic wheel loader, please feel free contact with us.

And FORLOAD company also could provide electric wheel loader, forklift, bulldozer, motor grader, mini excavator, big excavator etc. construction machines.

For agriculture machines if you need, could also contact with us, we can provide 25hp to 300hp farm tractors to you, check FORLOAD TRACTOR to get more information.

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