FORLOAD 3tons telescopic wheel loader delivery to RUSSIA
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FORLOAD 3tons telescopic wheel loader delivery to RUSSIA

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Recently, FOROAD company finished loading container, and delivery T3000 telescopic wheel loader and T3500 telescopic loader to our RUSSIA dealer.

what information do you need about FORLOAD brand telescopic arm loaders T3000 and T3500? Here is some information that may be helpful: 

1. FORLOAD brand telescopic loader T3000: 

- Maximum lifting capacity: 3000 kg

- Maximum lifting height: 6 meters

- Suitable for a variety of operating environments, such as construction sites, ports, warehouses, etc.

- Equipped with a comfortable cab, providing good visibility and control experience

- Easy operation with efficient loading and unloading capabilities 

2. FORLOAD brand telescopic loader T3500: 

- Maximum lifting capacity: 3500 kg

- Maximum lifting height: 8 meters

- Suitable for heavy cargo lifting operations, applicable to various working scenarios such as excavation, stacking, loading and unloading

- Strong carrying capacity and stability

- Equipped with advanced operation control system, providing precise control and flexible operation performance.

Please note that the above information is for reference only and specific specifications and features may vary depending on the specific model. If you need more detailed information, it is recommended that you contact the official distributor of FORLOAD telescopic arm loaders or inquire about relevant product information in detail.

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