3ton diesel forklift with XINCHAI engine ship to European market
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3ton diesel forklift with XINCHAI engine ship to European market

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FORLOAD company's business keep increasing in EUROPEAN market, including road construction machines section, and warehouse material machines section.

Recently, FORLOAD company finished shipment of their 3tons diesel forklift to EU agent market, this CPC30 DIESEL FORKLIFT equips with XINCHAI 40KW powerful engine, 1220m length forks; Sametime, FORLOAD agent request to use 4.5m lifting height and side shift function, which easy handle and put materials on high position, also could adjust their horizetal position.

FORLOAD brand 3000kgs diesel forklift, adopts all steel casting counterweight, mast material must use more thicker plate than other brand, oil cylinder and chain use longlife quality brand and the seat is TOYOTA type to enhance the driver's confortable.

According to different regions customers' different drive habit, FORLOAD could provide diesel forklift, gasoline forklift, LNG forklift and electric forklift, especially more and more countries develop green resource, now more and more electric forklift on market.

FORLOAD company also provide battery forklift, incluidng lead acid battery forklift and lithium battery forklift, the lifting capacity covers from 1tons to 5tons.

Also, according to rough terrain road and working site condition, FORLOAD company could provide 4wd rough terrain forklift, this type forklift build on articulated chassis, flexiable turning ability.

Contact with us to get more informations about wheel loader, electric wheel loader, forklift, backhoe wheel loader, telescopic wheel loader, telehandler, excavator, bulldozer, road roller etc. machines.



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