3.5tons diesel forklift ship to overseas market
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3.5tons diesel forklift ship to overseas market

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        Recently, construction machine market is very busy, wheel loader, backhoe wheel loader, maetrial handle machine of forklift etc. demand quantity are big.

        FORLOAD, finished loading container of 3.5tons diesel forklift to overseas market. This time we painted the color what customer's favorite, and equip with XinChai 40KW engine, 3m lifting height. According to customer's use habit, this time they choose to use automatic transmission.

        If you need construction machines, material handle machines and road building machines, searching FORLOAD, we will recommend suitable machines for your project.

        Remember, We, FORLOAD is a professional manufacture and exporter of wheel loader, electric wheel loader, telescopic wheel loader, backhoe wheel loader (TLB), diesel forklift, electric forklift, LPG/LNG forklift, crawler excavator, concrete mixer etc. machines.





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