2tons electric wheel loader delivery to Sweden
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2tons electric wheel loader delivery to Sweden

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Now more and more enviroment-friendly products used in construction project and our life, electric bike, electric car, enviroment-friendly asphalt mixing plant etc...

For wheel loader we also have electric type since 2012, continue to delivery Sweden and Canada 1000kgs electric wheel loader successfully, today we finished loading container of one 2tons sample electric wheel loader to our Sweden customer.

This 2tons electric wheel loader equip free maintaince Lithium battery, short charge time and long work hours, also equip with electric fan, heater to make sure can start and work in low weather.

According to customers request we install joystick, quick hitch, reverse camera to improve drive comfortable. same time delivery pallet fork, snow blade and grass grab as accessories.

Now our factory is assemble 5tons electric wheel loader for customers. We believe electric type machines will be used more and more.

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