220HP hydraulic crawler bulldozer of forest version for project
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220HP hydraulic crawler bulldozer of forest version for project

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Bulldozer is a continuous-tracked or wheeled tractor recognizable by the metal plate attached at the front of the machine (called a blade). Bulldozers are used to push and excavate dirt and debris at a construction site or mining quarry. They're also used to backfill trenches, clear and level land and maintain roads. 

There are three types bulldozers: wheel bulldozer, crawler bulldozer and mini bulldozer.

Like the name suggests, a wheel bulldozer has wheels instead of tracks. A wheel dozer is an ideal choice for projects that require work in soft ground or sensitive surfaces, because tires inflict less disturbance on a surface than a track typically does. A wheel dozer is also a good choice for projects that require mobility and versatility.

The wheel dozer is generally bigger than a tracked dozer and it has articulated hydraulic steering and moves on a smaller axis.

The crawler dozer is the most common dozer, recognized by its tracks and the ripper at the back. Because the crawler (or track bulldozer) has tracks, it is well suited for terrain that requires traction (like muddy or slippery surfaces).

Crawler dozers can range in size from machines with 75 horsepower that are less than 20,000 pounds and those with 900 horsepower that weigh almost 240,000 pounds.

The mini bulldozer—also called a compact bulldozer—is ideal for narrow areas or small lots, like driveways. Similar to the mini excavator, the mini bulldozer is smaller than a standard-sized bulldozer.

Now, in China there are some famous brand bulldozer factories, including SHANTUI bulldozer, XCMG bulldozer, SANY bulldozer, LIUGONG bulldozers, XCMA bulldozers etc. they are widely used in various road construction projects and exported to overseas market.


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