120HP mini crawler bulldozer
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120HP mini crawler bulldozer

With YTO LR6A3LU-G75X2R-U3 model engine, 120hp power, 4F+2R mechanical gearbox, hydraulic steering, floating type brake, dry type steering clutch, normal type blade, towing device, new closed cabin etc.
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1.    Engine: Choose the engine produced with British Ricardo joint-venture technology, which conforms to National III emission standard, and Common rail, features low noise, large torque, energy efficient and environmental friendliness.

2.    Main clutch: Choose dry, dual-sheet and common combined with, bigger in torque, simpler in construction, more reliable and easier in maintenance.

3.    Gearbox: Choose 4F+2R mechanical gear-shifting gearbox, simply operating, conveniently maintaining, reliably using.

4.    Steering clutch: Choose dry and multi-disk turning clutch, manually operating with hydraulically assisted, easily maintaining, lightly and conveniently operating.

5.    Filter applied in desert is more applicable for coal reserve site, desert and other special work condition.

6.    Operation environment is fully closed, hexahedral cab with lower noise, effectively reducing noise beside your ear, extending your visual field and effectively improving comfort.

7.    Electric system is characterized by electronic monitor, making real-time monitor for complete machine to assure normal operation.

8.    Standard heating and ventilation equipment, air conditioner is optional.

9.    Operation device: several devices such as direct- pouring shovel, environmentally shovel, angle shovel, coal-pushed shovel and soil scarifier are available for user.



Dimension (LxWxH)


Total weight


Chain width


Average ground pressure

51kPa (with front blade)

Engine model

LR6A3LU23/0993E (YTO brand)

Rated power

99.3kw at 2100 rpm

Towing equipment / ripper (optional)

Fixed type. (Ripper is three teeth type)

Front blade type

Fixed straight blade

Blade size (HxW)


Blade working depth


Blade maximum lifting height


Forward 1~4 gearshift

2.6~10.6 km/h

Reverse 1~2 gearshift

3.8~7.0 km/h

Reserve the right to change the parameters and design without prior notice.




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